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Digital Picture Printing Questions Answered

Lifephoto makes custom photo products designed by you. Put your pictures on useful items like photo notebooks, locker calendars, dry-erase boards and day planners. Make and order photo products with our fun-to-use website. We’ll ship the products to you, so you don’t even have to leave home to get photo gifts.

Use Lifephoto’s online photo software to design a photo book or personalized gift unlike any other. Set up your own free photo account, and use it to store your photos and photo projects. Have fun sharing pictures with family and friends by e-mailing them invitations to view your life photos in digital photo books.
  • No need to download anything. You do not need to add anything to your computer to use Lifephoto. You simply upload your photos to your private, completely secure, free account on our site.
  • Both Mac and PC friendly. It doesn’t matter what type of computer you have.
  • It’s fast. Uploading generally takes no more than a few minutes.
  • We give you plenty of space. With your password-protected, secure account, you can store as many photos as you’d like in personal folders that you create and name. Your photos will remain there for as long as you choose to keep them so that you can order prints or use your photos for photo projects at a later time or using another computer.
  • Enjoy uncommon features. Lifephoto offers options that many makers of photo books don’t. For example, you can use your own photos or other scanned material as page backgrounds rather than being restricted to stock backgrounds. With an account, you can share photo books with friends.
  • It’s free. There are never any fees for having a photo account.
  • You won’t be stuck with something that’s not up to par. We put great care into ensuring our photo products are of the highest quality, but let us know if something’s not right. Satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Better quality. Compare the sturdiness of Lifephoto book bindings to those of most other digital photo books. We are confident you will delight in the look and feel of your custom photo book.
  • Choice in digital picture printing. While many photo printers offer one type of print, we let you choose from three: eco friendly picture printing, traditional digital picture printing on photographic paper and digital picture printing on metallic paper. All of our print types can be ordered as enlargements or as sheets of wallet photos.
  1. Shop. Decide which product you want to build and which photos you want to use.
  2. Upload. Upload your photos.
  3. Customize. Build your product. For many of our photo products, you can customize options such as cover materials, sizes, colors, typestyles and other elements.
  4. Design. Click on the layout of your choice. Then drag and drop your photos into this framework. For most products, you can add fun backgrounds and write captions. If ordering photo books, you have the option to let our quick-build feature fill a book with your photos in seconds.
  5. Order. Save your masterpiece, and place your order.
  6. Anticipate. We’ll ship your prints and photo projects right to you.
You can always contact a support specialist if you need help.
You don’t need to download anything to your computer to use Lifephoto. You simply upload your photos. Uploading generally takes no more than a few minutes. If you wish to have your photos and projects saved for future use, sign up for a free photo account.
Lifephoto is both Mac and PC friendly.
You don’t need an account to order photo products, but with an account, you can:
  • Save photos for future projects or save photo books for future ordering, even if you don’t place any order now.
  • Start a photo book now, and come back to finish it later right where you left off.
  • Share digital photo books with family and friends via e-mail invitations to view your books. You can do this even if you never place an order.
Sign up for your free photo account now to enjoy the benefits today.
If you want a lasting photo print, look no further. All of our prints have a projected print life of at least a century when stored away from light and humidity and 80-plus years when displayed in the typical home away from direct sunlight. Even in artificially lit displays, these prints are made to last for decades. You can be confident that your life photos will be there for the reminiscing enjoyment of future generations.
Earthtru eco friendly pictures are recyclable and are printed on paper that is partially composed of post-consumer material. For each Earthtru Print ordered, Lifephoto donates 5 cents to a deserving nonprofit. Other Lifephoto products featuring eco friendly printing methods on recyclable paper include:
Allow five to seven days for printing and customization before products are shipped. All products are shipped from our print shop in southern Wisconsin.
We want you to be happy with your product. If something’s not right, you can return your product.
While photo memory books happen to be our signature product, you can make lots of things at You can also order prints in sizes from wallets to enlargements. View our product menu for the complete selection of photo products and photo gift ideas.
We offer three cover types for most of our photo books: soft covers, hard covers and photo covers. See specific product information for cover materials available for each product. You can choose to add glossy paper cover jackets printed with photos to hard and photo covers.
  1. Soft covers are matte paper printed with images.
  2. Hard covers come in solid colors. Cajun red, midnight black and royal blue covers are textured leatherette. Key lime and lilac purple have a softer finish and sparkly look. Crushed cranberry velvet is available in suede.
  3. Photo covers have a slight texture and are resistant to fingerprints and scratches.
It's easy to select and design your cover during the ordering process. Advanced users may design custom covers in outside software such as Adobe Photoshop.
  • Images must be JPEG (.jpg) files.

  • The ideal image resolution is 300 dpi for images smaller than 12 × 12" and 150 dpi for images larger than 12 × 12" with an sRGB color profile. You can upload larger images, but larger images might take longer to upload.

  • Making a photo book? If you are making a photo book and plan to use the quick-build feature to have the photos automatically placed on pages for you, your photos should be arranged within your photo folder in the order you want them placed in the book. The first image will be used as the cover photo. If you plan to place each photo yourself, it’s up to you if you want to order them in advance for organized placement or pick and choose from your batch of photos as you go.

    If you never renamed your images after transferring them from your camera to your computer, they are probably still in the order in which you took them.

    If you want to rearrange the order, it is helpful to give each photo name a three-digit prefix and number the photos in your desired order beginning with 000 for your cover photo and 001 for the photo you want placed on the first page. For example, your cover photo might be 000MemorialDay.jpg and be followed by 001IndependenceDay.jpg and 002LaborDay.jpg. Be sure to use three-digit prefixes even if you are using less than 100 photos as order will not be retained when 10 photos or more are numbered with two-digit prefixes.
We do not routinely color correct images.
A megapixel is 1,000,000 pixels, or 1,000 pixels squared. Our digital photo presses require images at 300 dpi for best print quality, and our large-format printers require images at 150 dpi for best print quality. The table below roughly correlates megapixel output with the largest print size that can be achieved at optimum quality.

Printer Print Size Megapixels
Photo Press
(300 dpi)
4 × 6" 2
5 × 7" 3
8 × 10" 7
11 × 14" 13
12 × 18" 19
Large Format
(150 dpi)
16 × 20" 7
20 × 30" 13
24 × 36" 19
30 × 40" 27

Please note: These figures apply to uncropped images straight out of the camera. When you crop a photo, it loses resolution as part of the image is trimmed. Images acquired from cameras with capabilities of shooting less than 2 megapixels will most likely not be of sufficient resolution for satisfactory print quality.
Feel free to contact us about any of your questions that aren't answered here.

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