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A day planner is a super-simple but highly effective organization tool helping you organize your day. So why not combine your day planner with photos of your puppy dog or kitten? Pet lovers stay organized with a day planner packed with your favorite pet photos. Lifephoto's unique daily planner template choices allow for background and grid page combinations making it fun to add your kitten and puppy photos. Keep track of special occasions and jot daily notes into your day planner.

Here are some organizational ideas for your puppy, kitten or other pet photo day planner.

First things first, use your day planner to note daily activity ideas for the pets. That way, even if you’re not throwing the toys or enrolling them in training activities, you’ll have an idea of how to keep them engaged and happy.

Use the monthly calendar pages to organize play dates with other pet owners, or schedule veterinary and grooming appointments.

If your pets get tired and lonely make sure you pull out your phone book and planner and schedule a few play dates with other moms and pets. You’ll get to meet other grown-ups while your puppy or kitten will have new company and playthings to play with. Win-win!

Yes, a daily planner can be vital to organizing and streamlining an otherwise busy and hectic lifestyle. Writing down appointments, ideas, schedules and more will prevent brain overload and give you a clear idea of how your day is planned, even before you start it. Create your own personalized day planner right now so you’ll have a cheerful planner filled with puppy or kitten photos you’ll absolutely love using.


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