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Make Mom a Photo Book About Her Favorite Dog or Cat

Make a Mother’s Day Gift Mom Will Enjoy Forever

So she’s got a favorite pup or two. Daisy’s Photo Book for Mother’s DayWhy not make Mom a special photo book for Mother’s Day all about her dog (or cat).

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Photos that Wow!

Everyone has become a photographer of sorts. You can instantly pull photos of your kids, life, vacation etc. from your smartphone within seconds. We are inundated with photos most of which are boring. I crave for photos that wow, photos that make me double take and photos that make me stare. I love photos that [...]

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Save Random Photos Now — Perfect for a Photo Calendar

Why Plan Next Year’s Photo Calendar Now?

Because you’ll forget about the really fun photos if you don’t save them now! True, isn’t it?

Seems too early to start putting photos together for a 2015 photo calendar or day planner, doesn’t it? Well, I would have thought so until homemade doughnuts I realized that some of the most unique photos will long be forgotten by then. So I’ll be on the lookout for great photo memories that I want to have on my next calendar or day planner — and I’ll start a 2015 Calendar Photo Folder on on which to save them.

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Accordion Photo Cards & Graduation

  “We do not remember days, we remember moments.” ― Cesare Pavese. One of the most memorable moments is graduation. If I recall correctly, high school was amazing and miserable at the same time. The other thing I recall is that when it comes to high school and graduation you want to look your best! [...]

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Photos on the Fridge!

When it comes to photo cards, the trend is to send e-cards now. I get e-cards throughout the year for my birthday,  party invites and Christmas usually. They quickly move down my email list the same day until they are off the page and out of mind. On the other hand, when I receive a [...]

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Mother’s Day Photo Gifts

Some of my favorite and most memorable gifts are hand drawn pictures from my kids. We have a tradition that every Mother’s Day and Father’s Day the kids prepare their best picture, sign it and date it. We have a great time each year as we look back with the kids and how their pictures [...]

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Your most important photos

I saw this graph showing the year over year growth of the number of pictures uploaded to the internet and shared daily. And yes the numbers on the side of the graph are numbered in millions for each day of the year. To put those numbers in perspective, the entire population of the US is [...]

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Beautiful Lists

If you are like me you have lists floating everywhere. I have notes jotted down in the car, digital lists on my iPhone and a collection of papers on my refrigerator. I don’t particularly enjoy looking at any of these lists. My new favorite tool for these lists is my custom dry erase board by [...]

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